The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is the Philadelphia region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization. We believe DVRPC is a place to work, learn, and create a career in a professional and stimulating environment that values diversity, innovation, and bringing your best self to work. If your background and experience match the following vacancy, we would like to hear from you.

Job Description
This is a planning position with a focus on public transit, bicycle, and pedestrian research and analysis. DVRPC’s Office of Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Planning conducts planning studies on topics that often require an integrated approach, including transportation, land use, design, and analysis (see www.dvrpc.org/TransitBikePed/ for examples of the work we do). This is an urban planning and analysis position with a focus on public transit, bicycle, and pedestrian studies. Focus is also on integrating these Active Transportation modes with one another, along with their community
and development context.
Typical project elements include finding patterns in transportation and demographic data, collaborating with regional stakeholders, and preparing reports that summarize study findings in a clear and concise manner using creative design, mapping, and illustration work. This work benefits from the ability to think analytically, visually, and spatially. It requires a strong interest in multimodal transportation and creating goals and a vision for what that means for each project and program. It also requires competence with statistical analysis, mapping, and design software or the interest to learn.
Work is performed in accordance with broadly defined objectives and professional standards with the opportunity for independent judgment, subject to administrative and technical review by supervisory planner(s) in the unit during progress and upon completion.


Prepare reports summarizing findings and recommendations, including text, tabulations, maps, charts, and other appropriate graphics.
Present findings and conclusions to a steering committee, technical advisory committee, and the general public, as  appropriate.
Assist in the analysis and evaluation of proposals, including station area and access studies, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and networks, and proposals for new or improved public transit services.

Represent DVRPC and OTBP at internal and external meetings including presentation of technical analyses and reports.
Use and adapt traffic modeling software to evaluate corridor and area-specific transportation problems and to develop solutions.
Provide technical assistance to member governments, consultants, and the public.
Perform related planning work as required.
Knowledge of the principles, practices, and objectives of transportation and regional planning, and understanding of Metropolitan Planning Organization roles and processes.
Knowledge of, and proven interest in transit, bicycle, and pedestrian issues and planning methods.
Knowledge of research methods and planning techniques, including experience working with data collection and analysis, experience in urban
design or transportation facility design, and effectively displaying and conveying information.
Ability to present recommendations effectively in oral, written, and graphic form, including the demonstrated ability to write well and with high attention to detail.
Competency with various software including the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign), ArcGIS, and Microsoft Office, especially Excel.
Ability to work with and facilitate dialogue among a diverse group of stakeholders.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, planning officials, and the general public.
Ability to work collaboratively and complete assignments independently.
Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
An understanding of the connection between transportation and equity, and a commitment to incorporating equity, inclusion, and diversity principles into your work.
Experience with, or interest in, innovative approaches to transportation data analysis and visualization, and explaining methods and results in approachable and usable ways.
Experience & Training
A minimum of one year of professional experience in transportation planning or city/regional planning or a Master’s  Degree in city or regional planning, urban design, or a related field.