Environment New Jersey is seeking a campaign associate to help coordinate campaigns to protect New Jersey’s high quality waterways that provide drinking water, recreational value and key habitats for threatened species from the impacts of over development and run-off pollution.

The most powerful tool to protect our water quality is to stop pollution before it happens. This concept — anti-degradation — is enshrined in the Clean Water Act, and nearly 50 years after its passage, we still need to protect our waters so they are fishable and swimmable. That is why Environment New Jersey is running a campaign to advocate for stronger protections for the lower section of the Delaware River to allow for primary contact, including swimming, targeting a regional agency. New Jersey’s waters are hidden gems — and we need to keep them that way.

We are seeking a Campaign Associate who will spearhead this campaign and work with our experienced team of advocates, researchers, and digital and communications experts.

Entry-level candidates are encouraged to apply; we provide training on advocacy and organizing skills, as well as oversight and on-the-ground training by an experienced advocate. Ideal candidates will have leadership experience, top-notch written and verbal skills, an eagerness to learn, and be ready for a challenge. We value organizing experience, including building campus or community groups.

Typical Responsibilities

  • Build powerful coalitions: Reach out to like-minded organizations and affected constituency groups to demonstrate support for our campaign goals.
  • Earn traditional media and social media attention: Organize news conferences and write opinion pieces. Build a following on Facebook and Twitter for your campaign.
  • Lobby elected officials: Coordinate strategy with champions in Congress. Make a convincing case to legislators who are undecided on a particular vote. When a critical vote is happening on your campaign, work to demonstrate the support you’ve been building on the ground to help line up the votes needed to win.
  • Research and write reports: Catalogue and analyze data relevant to the issue and our policy proposals to help influence public debate and earn media attention for our cause.
  • Identify and cultivate donors: Reach out to foundations and major donors and ask them to fund your campaign.
  • Run a grassroots campaign office each summer: Run a campaign office for the summer to raise money to support our campaigns, build our organization and membership, and help build critical and timely grassroots support to win key campaigns while honing your organizing and management skills.

About Environment America

Environment America and our national network have one mission that drives everything we do: to protect our natural world.

We envision a better, greener America: one that protects and restores more places where all life can thrive and offers us and our children the opportunity to live healthier, more enriching lives. Through our research, public education, advocacy, litigation and action, we find and advance policies and practices that put our country, and our world, on a better path.