The Managing Director’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (OTIS) is charged with driving change through impactful capital projects, innovative programs, and equity-focused policy initiatives. OTIS leads a portfolio of departments, including the Streets Department, the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), and the Office of Multimodal Planning (OMP) to provide cost-effective quality services focused on the needs of Philadelphia visitors and residents.

This position is within the Office of Multimodal Planning (OMP). As an office environment, OMP provides a unique opportunity for individuals who want to make meaningful and visible change in the place where they live.  OTIS is staffed by people who believe that investments in the built environment can lift up communities and prepare our city for a vibrant, sustainable and equitable future.

More information about the functions of OTIS can be found at: www.phila.gov/otis

Position Summary:
The City of Philadelphia seeks multiple highly motivated, flexible, creative, and independent thinkers with excellent communication, interpersonal, and technical skills to join OTIS in the role of Multimodal Planning District Manager.  The Multimodal Planning District Manager will be a leader in urban transportation for Philadelphia, responsible for the implementation of a range of complete streets projects and advancing the goals of the City’s CONNECT Plan and Vision Zero Action Plan. Through their work and the projects that they oversee, the Manager will advance transportation equity and make Philadelphia a safer, more accessible city for all roadway users.

The Multimodal Planning District Manager will oversee several direct reports within the Office of Multimodal Planning on a portfolio of projects within a specific geographic area of the city as well as provide subject matter expertise such as traffic safety, transit planning, bicycle and pedestrian planning and the related engineering that underpins that work. The Manager will lead communications and collaboration between their direct reports and other City staff as well as the various stakeholders including various partner agencies, public stakeholders, neighborhood groups, businesses, and elected officials.

Essential Functions:
•    Develop and manage a portfolio of projects and a team of 2-4 diverse staff, including community engagement coordinators, planners, and project managers including supporting their professional development, managing and assigning workload and schedules, performance evaluations, and training
•    Develop and oversee robust, effective community outreach and engagement with public stakeholders to assure that community voice is reflected in the project delivery process
•    Responsible for managing the scope, schedule, budget, and resources for planning and delivery of complete streets project concepts and scoping
•    Drive innovation and best practices for multimodal transportation, pedestrian infrastructure, intersection safety, bicycle facilities, and mobility to make Philadelphia’s streets reflect the needs of its residents
•    Oversees the scheduling and budget for an assigned district to ensure effective and equitable provision of city resources
•    Facilitate conversation with governmental officials and community groups to elicit support and promote public awareness
•    Coordinate across city departments and partner agencies on project and development reviews and response coordination
•    Advance projects within the Streets Department   to further the CONNECT Plan, Vision Zero Action Plan, the Philadelphia Transit Plan, and the City’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.
•    Be a collaborative leader within OTIS and build strategic relationships with staff across various City departments to better implement programs and projects
•    Participate in meetings with inter-governmental partners, stakeholders and community groups related to transportation concerns
•    Oversees and develop scopes of work, cost estimates, and guidelines for consultant services
•    Prepare and deliver communications materials such as presentations, memorandums, reports, data, and maps to a variety of audiences and in various forums
•     Report on program and project goals through collected data and metrics.

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