About the Office of Research and Information (ORI)
We are NJ’s premier source for economic, labor market, and demographic data and analysis. We drive innovation by embracing diversity, creative thinking, and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. ORI’s services and solutions help New Jerseyans – students, jobseekers, business owners, and policy makers alike – make informed, data-driven decisions. Our team is responsible for:
• Developing, analyzing, and disseminating labor market and demographic data;
• Preparing reports for the State and Federal government agencies that fund Labor’s workforce and worker benefit programs;
• Providing performance measurement, business intelligence, and evaluation services that promote the continuous improvement of Labor programs;
• Developing user-centric digital tools to guide New Jerseyans’ career planning activities;
• Overseeing the review and approval of New Jersey’s private career schools and maintain the Eligible Training Provider List; and
• Serving as the data backbone for strategic enforcement and compliance activities undertaken by Labor’s worker protection programs.

About the Role
This position will be located within the State Data Center in the Division of Economic and Demographic Research. This individual will be responsible for:
• Performing routine tasks associated with the collection of data.
• Analyzing and interpreting data.
• Working with various software such as Excel and R Statistical Software.
• Working on research.