• Regional Planning and Local Assistance 
    Intern Work Plan Description:  
    Goal: To help me develop a strategy for County plan endorsement that can be presented to management. To lay the groundwork for County Plan Endorsement. To be proactive during this time of great planning activity within the MCOP to ensure that the new County Strategic Plan and Functional Plans are used to ensure maximum State funding for implementation.  
  • Lay out all the steps in County Plan Endorsement. 
  • Develop a checklist that aligns with County Plan Endorsement Guidelines for Regional Planning Group to use as a guide.  
  • Gather County planning materials to submit to the Office for Planning Advocacy (OPA) with Pre-Petition Meeting Request. (At the pre-petition stage, a petitioner is not required to create new planning documents, only to submit current or draft plans to the extent that they exist.) 
  • Review D2040 Draft Plans (if not complete) then review the work that has been done and is provided on SharePoint. This work will facilitate
  • discussion with OPA meant to elucidate the petitioner’s planning aspirations as well as the requirements and benefits of plan endorsement.  
  • Draft a letter from the Board of County Commissioners signed by the County Commissioner Director requesting a Prepetition Meeting with OPA. 
  • Draft a list of potential stakeholders to serve on the Plan Endorsement County Advisory Committee. 
  • Draft the County Self-Assessment Outline. This work occurs after the Pre-Petition Meeting. 
    • Introduction 
    • Existing Conditions (purpose, goals/objectives, key characteristics) 
    • Demonstrate public/regional support for the concept 
    • Status of County Strategic Plan and other Relevant Planning Activities 
    • County-wide recent and upcoming development projects 
    • Authorizing Resolution or MOU committing entities to work together and implement outcomes 
    • State Programs, Grants and Capital Projects within the region 
    • Sustainability/Resiliency Statement 
    • Consistency with State, County & Local Plans (Goals, Policies and Indicators, Center Criteria and Policies (if applicable), Planning Area Policy
    • Objectives 
    • Mapping 
    • State Agency Actions 
    • State Agency Assistance/Expected Benefits 
    • Conclusions 


To apply please send your resume and any other relevant documents to emily.link@co.middlesex.nj.us 

To apply for this job email your details to planning@co.middlesex.nj.us