Please apply at https://princetonnj.gov/Jobs.aspx?UniqueId=99&From=All&CommunityJobs=False&JobID=InternOffice-Assistant-Planning-Departme-65 Assist with kickoff of Municipal Master Plan; promote and analyze initial outreach survey, staff and attend Steering Committee Meetings and public meetings (on Zoom), assist with focus groups of stakeholders, public outreach as needed, including tabling, posting signs, etc. Assist with Municipal Facilities Assessment Study; gather data and documents for consultants. Assist with NJ Department of State Office for Planning Advocacy Municipal Plan Endorsement (Regional Center Designation); municipal Self-Assessment – assist with identifying demographic trends, inventorying natural and community resources, and assessing the consistency of current planning and zoning documents with the State Plan. Data will include key municipal characteristics such as population, housing (including status of affordable housing), economy, transportation, water and sewer infrastructure, and natural, cultural, and recreational resources. Office tasks as needed (less than 50% of role). This is a temporary position with a flexible schedule. Skills and Responsibilities: Gather and analyze data, including from the American Community Survey, US Census, and municipal tax records.  Create and present projects with tools including GIS software, graphics, charts, and a written narrative.  Assist in the preparation and organization of federal and state government documents.  Attend internal and public government meetings.  Filing and archiving. $15.00 per hour / 14 hours per week