Policy Team Job Descriptions- Policy Coordinator to support the Energy/Environment and
Transportation Portfolio

The Governor’s Office is seeking a Policy Coordinator to join the Policy team. Policy Coordinators
support the work of the Policy office in conjunction with the Policy Advisors, Cabinet Secretary,
and Chief Policy Advisor. Coordinators report to the Cabinet Secretary and liaise with Cabinet
agencies to foster coordination and communication among the agencies and with the
Governor’s Office. Coordinators advance the Governor’s policy agenda under the guidance of
the Policy Advisors and the Chief Policy Advisor through research, memo drafting, stakeholder
engagement, constituent relations, and events development. Key skills in the position are strong
written and oral communication, project management, organization, and the ability to handle
multiple tasks in a high-paced environment.

• Report to the Cabinet Secretary
• Work closely with the Cabinet Secretary to organize weekly reports from Departments
• Assist Policy Advisors in keeping track of follow up from agencies, including by:
o Attending and serving as principal notetaker on regular check ins with agencies,
o Keeping a running list of Cabinet requests for review, under the direction of the
Cabinet Secretary, and
o Generally providing project management infrastructure for back and forth
between the agencies and the FO
• Develop and conduct policy research and analysis related to trends and issues in
relevant policy issue areas, as directed by the Chief Policy Advisor, Cabinet Secretary, or
individual Policy Advisors
• Support Policy Advisors’ stakeholder engagement, including by:
o Attending stakeholder meetings with or on behalf of Policy Advisors
o Listening and reporting out on Ask Governor Murphy broadcasts
• Coordinating and tracking follow up for Policy Advisors
o Monitor and report on federal program guidance related to the Infrastructure
Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and Inflation Reduction Act.
• Prepare Signature Memos for letters requiring the Governor’s signature from agencies
or stakeholder groups
• Act as liaison with the Office of Constituent Relations on behalf of the Policy Team,
including by:
o Assisting Policy Advisors with reviewing incoming constituent mail, ensuring
follow up, organization, and distribution to relevant departments for handling if
o Directing review of proposed Proclamations to the relevant Policy Advisor and
ensuring Policy Team input on Proclamations
• Represent Policy Team at Week Ahead Meetings and report back to the Policy Team for
awareness and follow up of Gov/OCAGE event development.
• Work with Policy Advisors, Communications, and Advance teams to coordinate Policy
needs for upcoming events, including drafting policy inserts and on-topic Q&A, helping
determine locations suitable for the policy announcements, and helping coordinate
Policy invites
o Coordinate with Cabinet members and designated staff regarding logistical
details of events with the Governor
• Support Policy Team projects and meetings, including preparation and follow-up
• Liase with Office of Information Technology to maintain each of the website/Twitter for
the Office of Climate Action and the Green Economy and website for IIJA.
• Carry out other duties as assigned