Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs undergraduate program is looking to hire PhD students or postdocs to serve as Preceptors for small discussions sections of our larger undergraduate lecture courses. Preceptor commitments range from one to six “AI” hours, or instructor contact hours, where one AI hour is equivalent to three contact hours per week, including office hours and in-class time. Compensation for each AI is $3,420 – $3,600.

Preceptor appointments are available for the following spring semester courses:

SPI 200 Statistics for Social Science

SPI 304 Microeconomics for Public Policy

SPI 345 Prejudice: Its Causes, Consequences, and Cures

SPI 353 Science and Global Security

SPI 368 The Ethical Policy Maker

SPI 404 Policy Research Seminar Methods Lab, qualitative section

To apply for this job email your details to joannakovac@princeton.edu