THE OPPORTUNITY The Compliance and New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Associate performs a key role in managing and raising funding for Self-Help’s community development and finance work by managing compliance, tracking performance, and soliciting investment for critical federal programs including the New Markets Tax Credits. The Associate bridges program staff and funders to ensure that Self-Help is adequately complying with program regulations, effectively performing and reporting against program deliverables, responding to additional funding opportunities, and otherwise advancing Self-Help’s organizational interests. RESPONSIBILITIES

  • Serve as principal point of contact between Self-Help and a selected portfolio of funders and investors.
  • Develop expert understanding of rules and regulations associated with complex funding streams, including the New Market Tax Credit program, and serve as an advisor to lending teams as they navigate program eligibility and rules.
  • Monitor program activities to ensure compliance with financial covenants and program deliverables; and coordinate problem-solving efforts when compliance and/or performance issues arise.
  • Support the overall data management capacity and infrastructure of the team by gaining mastery over the principal systems used to track and analyze data across all of our programs and initiatives.
  • Prepare and submit proposals – primarily proposals seeking NMTC and other CDFI Fund allocations, debt, and grants.


  • Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Master’s degree preferred.
  • At least 7 years combined educational and work experience in community development, financial services, data services, fundraising, law and/or other related fields. Significant relevant experience may be considered in lieu of degrees.
  • Experience monitoring compliance with complex federal regulations a plus
  • Working knowledge and experience with Salesforce, SharePoint, Teams, Word, Excel, and Power Point a plus
  • Understanding of databases from an information-user perspective and appreciation for the role data plays in telling the story of our impact. SQL query and report writing & Power BI experience or interest a plus.

About Self-Help

Self-Help is a leading non-profit financial institution headquartered in Durham, NC, with over 70 credit union branches across 8 states. With more than 188,000 members, we've delivered $11 billion in financing to help over 198,000 people buy homes, start and build businesses, and strengthen community resources, across the United States. Every loan we make is an investment—an investment in economic growth, better opportunities for education or affordable housing, and even healthier foods.