35 Hours/week, Non-Classified (NC), Non-Exempt

Position will report to and work primarily under the direction of the Surrogate within the office of Somerset County Surrogate. The position will provide support to the Deputy Surrogate in management of the Superior Court functions within the Surrogate’s Office including, but not limited to guardianship, adoption, and Probate Part court matters.  The position will be responsible for creating and maintaining information packets, forms, web forms, and other documents to assist Pro Se parties and customers in general who wish to represent themselves in the Surrogate Court or Superior Court.  The position will also provide support for the office management of minor guardianship accounts, payroll, attendance is delegated functions as required including, but not limited to, payroll administration, attendance and other administrative assignments as assigned by the Surrogate. The position will be trained in duties of probate clerks as backup in the event staff shortages are encountered. The position will also be trained in all administrative duties in the office and be responsible to oversee one or more critical duties and to back up other Clerks in their administrative assignments. The position will be nonsupervisory but does involve answering questions from less experienced Clerks in the performance of their duties. 



1.         Represents the County of Somerset as appropriate

2.         Interacts with customers and other members of the public in a professional and friendly manner.

3.         Interacts with the legal community.

4.         Assists the Deputy Surrogate with managing the court calendar.

5.         Assists the Deputy Surrogate with processing court papers both at the time of filing and after final court resolution.

6.         Assists the Surrogate and Deputy Surrogate in the preparation of monthly reports for the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

7.         Implements directives issued by the AOC under the direction of the Surrogate/Deputy Surrogate.

8.         Assists in training and development of employees relating to assigned functions.

9.         Creates forms and calendars.

10.       Participates in the preparation of the annual division budget.

11.       Supervises payroll and attendance; and oversees other administrative tasks as directed by the Surrogate/Deputy Surrogate.

12.       Reviews staff reports on administrative tasks.

13.       Oversees contracts, specifically maintenance agreements.

14.       Supports compliance with DARM standards for record management and retention.

15.       This position in cross trained in all Clerk to ensure continuity of operation in their absence.

16         Performs other duties as required.


Essential Qualifications

A thorough knowledge of County policy and procedures.
Public policy knowledge of applicable New Jersey Statutes and Rules of Court applicable to the functions of the Surrogate Office, including ethics and rules of conduct and the Judicial Code of Conduct. 
College graduate. 
Experience with Surrogate’s Office systems including but not limited to Bluestone, MH, Application Xtender, and the public records copy system. 

To apply for this job email your details to employment@co.somerset.nj.us

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