New York City Department of Transportation is hiring a summer intern!

NYC DOT is seeking a summer intern for its Research, Implementation & Safety (RIS) Unit in the Division of Transportation, Planning, and Management. RIS is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to improving the safety of the pedestrian and cycling community in New York City through street redesign projects, policy recommendations, and data analysis.

The selected candidate would help plan and design street safety projects by gathering and analyzing crash and traffic data, mapping project locations, conducting field work, assisting with policy research and engaging in community outreach. The selected candidates would become familiar with the DOT toolbox, gain a better understanding of the design process, and improve their data analysis skills. The selected intern may be called upon to engage in best practices research and track ongoing capital projects.

The chosen candidate will also assist DOT’s Raised Crosswalk program, which is expanding to implement 100 Raised Crosswalk locations per year as part of a Mayoral priority for increased intersection safety. This work will include site review, design, construction feasibility review, monitoring, and tracking.

Visit https://a127-jobs.nyc.gov/ and search for Job ID 529393 to apply! #hiring #transportation #planning #design