Position Summary (Posting Summary)

Engage Fairmount, previously known as the Newark Fairmount Promise Neighborhood (NFPN), launched the Community School Initiative at Thirteenth Avenue Elementary School during the 2017-2018 school year. Nationally, community schools are recognized as “both a place and a set of partnerships between schools and other community resources. Its integrated focus on academics, health and social services, youth and community development and community engagement leads to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities (National Coalition for Community Schools).” The engage Fairmount model at Thirteenth Avenue School places a heavy emphasis on working collectively with the school and greater Fairmount neighborhood community. The purpose of the initiative is two-fold: (1) to organize and coordinate activity and actions in support of school improvement including attendance, parent and student engagement, holistic student support, and student academic achievement; and (2) to increase the capacity of the school community to support school improvement goals and to address challenges in a collective, constructive, and effective way.

The 21st CCLC – Promise Youth University Data Manager oversees daily administration and maintenance of program data. The Data Manager is responsible for managing program files and all program data collection, including, but not limited to, entering and analyzing program data points, developing data reports, and actively participating in data management improvements. An innovative, clerical professional with data-entry experience is highly preferred. See the attached description for more information on this position.

The position is funded through a grant-funded program, with funding through 2022. The position will be remote until further notice.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

1. Data Management

  • Enter student, parent, and parent information into program approved data management systems.
  • Update staff and student documents, including rosters, course lists, and program enrollment.
  • Enter program attendance and surveys into the Department of Education approved data management system.
  • Develop reports around program data points, including attendance, program engagement, and quality improvement.
  • Maintain organized student and staff files consistent with Department of Education requirements.

2. Program Administration

  • Support staff recruitment by participating in candidate interviews, and reference calls.
  • Distribute program information to families, via phone, email, and text.
  • Participate in weekly team meetings and staff debriefs.
  • Participate in data management trainings as needed and assigned.
  • Supervise vendor facilitation of courses, as needed.

3. Other program duties as assigned

Interested applicants please send resume and list of references to Shanequa Evans at shanequa.evans@rutgers.edu

To apply for this job email your details to shanequa.evans@rutgers.edu

About Rutgers University Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, Promise Youth University- 21st CCLC

The Promise Youth University – 21st CCLC serves 3rd – 8th-grade students at Thirteenth Avenue Elementary School, including students receiving special needs services. The goal of the program is to transform the student learning experience, by providing high-quality academic and enrichment opportunities. Ultimately, the Promise Youth University aims to improve student attitudes toward learning, increase student confidence and resiliency, and promote stronger parent involvement in school.